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Slouched Posture: Efficient or Not?

Inspired by Todd Hargrove’s post at “Is “Efficient” Movement Unsafe?” I remember reading that good posture was the most energy efficient way to stand and sit. But why does it seem to take so much more energy to keep … Continue reading

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Examples of Bad Posture

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, one of the most recognizable sculptures in Western Culture, is an example of really bad posture. I’ve added the skeleton to show that his rib cage sags and constricts his breathing. His lower back is … Continue reading

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Poor Posture Everywhere

Having experienced and then overcome the chronic pain that poor posture caused me, I tend to think that everyone with poor posture will eventually develop some form of musculo-skeletal pain problem from it. But like a former smoker who rails … Continue reading

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Droopy Shoulders Syndrome

An exception to use of part 1 of Fix the Shoulder Blades Exercise is a condition called Droopy Shoulders Syndrome (DSS) that is mainly present in women with low set, steeply sloping shoulders and long, swan necks. Their collar bones … Continue reading

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